Salt Print Diary

Salt prints, risograph artist book ed 25.

An artist book of hand processed salt prints depicting the dry lake bed of Lake George in NSW, Australia.

Miranda Johnson on Salt Print Diary

‘Lake George is alleged to drain into other lakes around the world, as well as to predict the outcome of federal elections. The myths of its mysterious properties echo within the argument that water does indeed travel through and across cultural and political divisions, whilst also resonating with the instability of Hindmarsh’s own location and employment conditions throughout the course of her Double Exposure residency and artistic career. Her relocations – from Perth to Tasmania to London – leave a trail of short-term employment opportunities that are the grim reality for artists in a precarious, trickle-down economy. These unstable locations resonate in her work environment, living conditions, and sense of place.

In some ways it is her artwork itself that provides a line of continuity. Her series of salt prints were developed, one every day, upon returning to London following the first half of her Double Exposure residency period in Canberra in early 2016. The developed print became a record of her day, a marker of constancy, but also a written record of her feelings of anxiety and instability surrounding the UK’s vote to leave the European Union. By combining the everyday tasks of her life with her emotional response of dejection and alienation to another suddenly uncertain future, the fleeting nature of location, environment, and sense of place that are our current reality are brought to the fore.’

- text from Finding Focus exhibition catalogue 

Miranda Johnson  is a freelance arts writer and worker based in Perth, Western Australia.