Moving image performance 
digital video, scanned 16mm, super8 and pencil on paper
20 minutes

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‘Trigger…Trigger…’ is a moving image performance which is streamed to an audience using the format of the shared screen. The work comprises a live edit and narration of a story told through found footage, internet searches, sleep, flashbacks and the re-occurring metaphor of the Vampiric.

Taking as a starting point Bram Stoker’s Dracula and the genre of Gothic Imperialism, the work pivots around the UK seaside town of Whitby as a place which the narrator cannot get to. From there the story unfolds through associative linking of personal and public anxieties around a fear of blood, threat of contamination and the loss of self-control.

Images: film stills and process drawings
Super 8 and 16mm processing and scan by erehwon film
With thanks to Esther Collins and George Capelas for footage contributions